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Welcome to Berkshire Painting, Inc. – The Best Choice for All Your Painting Needs

Berkshire Painting, Inc. is a licensed and fully insured commercial and residential painting contracting company located in Lee, in beautiful Berkshire County Massachusetts. I’m Tad Jones, the owner, and I’m very proud of my company’s well-earned reputation for quality workmanship. I’m the third generation of my family to be a professional painting contractor – you might say painting is in my blood.

Over 24 years of experience ensures a superior job!
I have over 30+ years of experience as a painter – most of that has been as Berkshire Painting. I started working for my father and grandfather weekends and summers when I was a teenager. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from them, and put it to use giving each and every client the best job my crew and I are capable of.

Service, Reliability and Craftsmanship!
There isn’t a better, faster, more reliable, or more detail-oriented painter around. My standards for service, reliability, and craftsmanship are second to no-one’s, and I hire crewmembers who share my passion – they work as hard, as carefully, and as fast as I do.

Clean, fast and quiet!
Painting an occupied office, store, or home can be disruptive, whether the job is outside or in. We work as quickly and as quietly as possible, while maintaining our usual high standards, keeping any disturbance to the absolute minimum. We make sure the job site is kept clean and neat while we’re working, too. I want Berkshire Painting, Inc. customers to be as satisfied while we’re working for them, as I expect they will be with the final result.

At Berkshire Painting, Inc., we use only the best painting products!
The most expensive part of any paint job is the labor, so we maximize the value of our services by using only premium paints and stains manufactured by Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Cabot. We expect the materials we use to provide the same standard of excellence that we expect of ourselves. The products from the companies we’ve chosen produce a superior finish and give the longest lasting protection. Equally important, they stand behind the quality of their products with solid warranties.

We don’t compromise on quality
I often get asked to cut corners, especially on preparation, in order to lower the cost of a paint job. I politely refuse. In the past, I’ve tried to accommodate the need for a lower price job, but I’ve learned through hard experience that it doesn’t pay. I’ve found that taking shortcuts on preparation only leads to a job that won’t last as long. My reputation is built on paint jobs that last, so to protect my company’s good name, and for my customers’ benefit, I refuse to compromise on quality.

Call 888.827.2818 (toll-free) for a free, no-obligation estimate.
Please take a look around our web site. It provides details of the services we offer to commercial and residential customers. If you have questions that you can’t find answers to, call me toll-free at 888.827.2818. I’ll be happy to help you.